Dreamspeaker Vol. 5, The Broughtons

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Dreamspeaker Vol. 5, The Broughtons
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By Anne & Laurence Yeadon-Jones

This guide encompasses the waters of Mayne Passage, where we travel west from Blind Channel via Johnstone and Broughton Strait and the friendly communities of Northern Vancouver Island, to Port Hardy. From Blunden Harbour on the coastal mainland, we cruise east through the captivating group of islands, islets and passages that make up the exquisite Broughton Archipelago. It's as much an adventure just getting there, as it is exploring the region's natural wilderness, hidden anchorages, uninhabited islands, white midden beaches and rich marine and wild life. For those interested in sailing, follow our route and you could be rewarded with good winds from the right direction. Although not numerous, with careful planning you will find accessible fuel/water stops and stores to provision, often with a good choice of produce. In the summer months resorts and marina's in the "Village of Islands" welcome cruising boaters to join in the camaraderie at their scheduled or impromptu "happy hour" gatherings and "pot luck" suppers, and the more social cruisers combine a few days enjoying the choice of tranquil anchorages, with a night or two in a marina.

192 Pages - Color
ISBN 978-1-932310-17-7

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