Sea Solve 1 Liter Hose sprayer -- Salt Rinse Aid and Neutralizer

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Sea Solve 1 Liter Hose sprayer -- Salt Rinse Aid and Neutralizer
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Sea Solve is a water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable solution for your boat that dissolves, releases, and removes salt ions from any hard surface exposed to salt: Wood, metal, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, chrome, glass and more.

A one liter bottle will clean approximately 200 feet of boat, removing salt for a spot free surface. Sea Solve will brighten and toughen bare teak and eliminates the need for multiple rinses to remove soot and salts. This saves you time and water.

  • Safe to use on all metals, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, chrome, glass, concrete; any hard surface exposed to salt.
  • Wash down boats, outboards, bilge areas, teak, Jet skiÕs and windows
  • Engine Flush
  • One Liter Size bottle has blue adapter nozzle with foaming dispenser and rinse mode for use on your garden hose.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Safe for plants
  • Derived from plants.

Usage Notes:
  • Adapter gives 1 to 200 parts water mix so the 1 liter makes 200 liters. Wet surfaces in the rinse mode, then in the wash mode from top to bottom soak area and let sit for 1 to 10 minutes finally rinse with fresh clean water for a no streak shine.
  • For smaller jobs premix 1 to 30 in a spray bottle, wet surfaces, spray mixture on surface, brush in crevasses and rinse.
  • For small parts dip use 1 to 2 mix. Let parts soak over night, brush and rinse.
  • Remove any major salt buildups, grease or dirt; by first rinsing with water and/or a de-greaser.
  • Flushing your outboard engine is best done in an garbage can with the leg immersed in the water with a mix of 1 to 100 parts water and run for an hour.
  • On coolant exchangers add to the raw water side 1 to 100 parts mix and let sit over night or if covers are off. Spray concentrate several times on the build up over a period of time to dissolve. Rinse with water when finished.
  • Pressure Washers can be set to meter, a to 1 to 200 mix follow same procedure.

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